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Healthy Lifestyles

Martha Vorder Bruegge, Soleil Danet, Pinyan Xu, Xinyao Li, Ryland All, Jieyu (Arlene) Guo, Suzanne Onorato, and Jenny Hughes

Authors: Martha Vorder Bruegge, Soleil Danet, Pinyan Xu, Xinyao Li, Ryland All, Jieyu (Arlene) Guo
Advisor: Dean Suzanne Onorato

The Healthy Living theme house is a theme house on campus whose theme is healthy  living. In the house were 6 students and they had a budget of 200.00.
The authors’ purpose was to implement healthy living habits and to educate the campus on healthy life styles. In order to achieve their goals the six women did many activities. They had a smoothie night on  their weekly meeting night and also held several events: a haunted house night, and visited Fountain View Mental Health Center as part of their service project where they learned about mental health challenges such as Alzheimers. Other activities included a meditation event with Miriam Panton who works in the Center for Student Engagement.
One of the common themes amongst the presenters was learning  how to manage stress.  The theme house had a zumba night,  went hiking with  President Kiss, held a pool party, a body party, practiced yoga, went to Snap Fitness gym 3 nights a week, and also hiked with Dean Onorato.
All presenters spoke of  friendships gained (in spite of the the general campus feeling that  a theme house is where friendships go to die). The women also learned to cook healthy meals, got better sleep, lost weight, and gained leadership and communication skills.
Some of the challenges of the Healthy Living Theme House were balancing their academic schedule with events, becoming better collaborators, and communicating effectively with their fellow house mates.