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Competing in a packed room in the terrace level of Evans Dining Hall, the 2013 Scottie Mathbowl started with a bang. Dr. Koch hosted the event, and introduced the panel of professor judges and timekeepers. Koch described the rules of the competition to the audience and introduced the first two competing teams, The Kirby Rogers Ultimate Fan Club and the TI 80-Fines.

IMG_1661[1]Dr. Koch introducing the Scottie Mathbowl

Already knowing the high skill and intelligence level of our Scotties, Koch doled out a rough set of questions, with topics ranging from calculus to faculty trivia. The first round ended with a 21-12 point win for the TI 80-Fines. Round two was a battle between The Fighting Unicorns (who wore impressive horns upon their heads) and The Mathemagicians (who each dressed up as various faculty members in the math department), ending in a 18-4 win for the Mathemagicians.

The audience was energetic and absorbed in the action, ooh-ing and aww-ing as the contestants struggled over their increasingly difficult questions. It should also be noted that the room remained packed for the entirety of the Mathbowl; as the two original winning teams came back together to compete for the winning title, audience members from various disciplines remained entertained by the humorous questions and answers regarding any aspect of math one could think of.


The final round was a tough battle, and in the end the winner was the TI 80-Fines with a winning score of 24-14. The semifinalists were awarded with Nerds. As one participant stated, “You are what you eat!” The runner-up team received small calculators. The winning team received plush dolls of The Count from Sesame Street.

At a brief intermission, the department introduced a special group of awards to four outstanding students in 100- and 200-level classes. They each received a plaque and a book titled Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick. Though it may have been expected that most of the audience would be composed of math students and professors, the event was light-hearted and diverse enough to entertain guests from every discipline, resulting in an exciting event for everyone involved.


Judge Lewin


The Fighting Unicorns