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The Psychology presentations wrapped up with a second study from Lexi Pulice-Farrow. On a slightly different spin from her first presentation, Lexi is moving from orientation disclosure to relationship satisfaction, specifically among lesbian identified Facebook users.

Outness is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person’s disclosure of their sexual identity. In one study, it was determined that who a person is out to could serve as a predictor of relationship quality (Caron & Ulin, 1997). However, a more recent study shows that a person’s outness may not have any correlation to a person’s relationship satisfaction.

One hypothesis of the study states that “linking” profiles on Facebook will lead to reports of a higher relationship satisfaction. As in her earlier study, Lexi says that people who are not out would also be less likely to post pictures of themselves with a significant other, and would not willingly allow their significant other to tag them in pictures together.

The hypothesis regarding linking profiles and publicly listing relationship statuses proved to be accurate. Results showed that those people who did not link to their significant other on Facebook reported lower satisfaction levels in relationships.

In the future, Lexi would like to increase the sample size of the study. Additionally, it would be interesting to investigate the same questions, but applied toward gay male Facebook users.