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Director of Library Services Elizabeth Bagley presented a glimpse at the 37 movies and television programs filmed on the Agnes Scott College campus since 1955. A handout was passed out to the audience, which included a list of film stars who have arrived on campus including Tim McGraw, Sandra Bullock, and most recently Tyler Perry.

Georgia has been greatly impacted by Hollywood films for quite some time. Our own red clay was imported to Los Angeles for the shooting of Gone With the Wind. A strong labor force and “very aggressive tax credit package” keep film production strong in the state. As for Agnes Scott, the campus is described as having a wonderful scenic quality to it, making it a common spot for recurring film shootings. As a more “stereotypical” college campus, ASC has stood in films as the University of Alabama in The Bear, Ole Miss in The Blind Side, and even Harvard.

There are advantages for ASC by hosting films. Other than being a financial bump for us, we gain some immortality by being presented on the big screen. Still, there is a moment of anxiety behind the words “campus movie news.” Bagley was temporarily kicked out of her office as it was used as a dressing room, and the reading room was completely unrecognizable as it filled up with movie props. Films are also accompanied by hot lights, cold temperatures indoors, and miles of cabling in and around our biggest buildings.

Despite the occasional pains which come hand in hand with filming on campus, there are certainly a plethora of fun and memorable experiences which have come out of past on-campus movies, and hopefully more to come.