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Nadrat Nuhu, Sijia Li

Authors: Nadrat Nuhu, Sijia Li, Ravea Rodriquez. Mentor: Professor Jennifer Hughes

Abstract: “Passionate love, defined as the extreme longing to be with another person, has been found to only last within the initial stages of a relationship. The current study proposes that influences such as the length of the relationship, gender, and the presence of children affect the level of passion an individual feels in their relationship. We recruited 121 men and 233 women to participate in this study. Results showed that the length of relationship, the presence of children, and gender significantly affected passion. The men and women in couples that had been together the least amount of time reported the greatest passion. The men and women without children reported greater passion. Men reported more passion than women. These findings provide couples with valuable information about how passion can decrease over the length of a relationship and that the presence of children living at home can be related to decreased passion.”