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Heather Williams, Meron Hailerkiros, and Aditi Adhikari are advocating for an organization on Agnes Scott campus known as Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or TESOL. In their lecture they informed the audience on the strengths, weakness, and the ways that they can improve in the future. TESOL gives back to non-native speaking Agnes Scott and Valley Crest staff whose first language is not English by teaching them the language.

During the start of the presentation Hailerkiros informed the audience that TESOL is a strong organization due to its committed group of tutors, the tutor’s flexibility, and application of skills. Adhikari later explained that in order to better TESOL, they need more committed students and ESOL certification for the tutors so that the tutors can be better organized. Williams confirmed these facts by explaining that the aforementioned improvements within the organization will be beneficial by creating a network for the students as well as tutors in different colleges and universities throughout Georgia.

I found this lecture to be very informal because I have never heard of the organization TESOL and loved the fact that students can take time out of their day to give back to the staff that keeps our campus looking beautiful.