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Danli Lan gave a presentation on “A Case Student of Amnesty International Southern USA” based on her internship with Amnesty. Lan introduced AI as an international organization that fight for human rights. AI has many missions as told by Lan. Some of the mission include helping countries in poverty, ensuring refugee and migrant rights, and ensuring the rights of women, LGBT, as well as children’s rights. AI works through different campaigns such as Demand Dignity and Security with Human Rights.

AI has over three million supporters, members, and activists in over 150 countries; but their headquarters is in New York. Lan explained that campaigns are easy to start and join if interested. Campaigns are based mainly on whether or not AI can pressure the issue. This was a problem to Lan. She felt that people should not be pressured to support a campaign if they do not feel the need to.

I found this to be universally true. Many people get caught up in the “hype” of a situation and feel that everyone should join. We as a people have to remember that there are so many universal issues going on that everyone may not be able to participate in every campaign.