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Taran Lundgren discusses her poster with Instructional Technologist Nathan Tate

Characterization of Severe Musculoskeletal Wound Regeneration

Author: Taran Lundgren. Mentor: Professor Douglas Fantz

Abstract: “Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability worldwide with an estimated cost to society of over $215 billion per year in the USA alone. The lab I work in at Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a critically sized composite bone and muscle defect rat model to assess therapeutic strategies to restore limb function after severe injury. The current therapeutic is a nanofiber mesh scaffold containing alginate and rhBMP-2. I use histological staining to look for bone formation, cartilage, and fibrosis in the regenerating tissue. I develop immunohistochemistry protocols to analyze expression of molecules signifying bone formation, angiogenesis, and revascularization of the injury site. We predict there is a significant level of cross-talk between bone and surrounding soft tissue during wound regeneration. This histological information combined with other quantitative measurements will help characterize endogenous repair mechanisms and the effectiveness of therapeutics.”