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It is clear from the first moment that this lively group obviously has something important to convey. Their faces are both serious and excited as they bring up a remarkably well-done Power-Point entitled “Story-Telling: Student Experiences in the Theme House”. The group is made up of members of the story-telling theme house, including Lisa Mielke, Keely Lewis, Kathryn Askew, Erin Lemons, Leah Kotlarchyk, and Casey Bailey.

They take us through the various events that they have done over the course of the school year and explain the reasons and effects of what they have learned. Surprisingly enough, many of the members in this group were right in the middle of their senior seminars when they started these events, conveying a dedication and intelligence easily found in women of Agnes Scott Campus. They tell of events such as NaNoWriMo where writers almost have to write 66000 words a day in order to succeed in their goal of completing a novel. They not only participated in this challenge but managed to “lure” other students into participating to. These noteworthy students organized several more events where they were able to combine fun and learning for the member of the Agnes Scott Campus. Affairs like “Word Game Night” allowed participants to laugh and challenge each other while trying to compete in a Backwards Spelling Bee. They continue the presentation by flipping through various images on their PowerPoint of students participating in events such as a live-action clue game, where they acted out a murder mystery.

However, the most amazing things about this presentation are not the events themselves but the effect that they have had on the students. They smile secret smiles at each other while speaking of the lessons that they have learned, such as how to be more innovative and worthwhile people, how to learn in more creative ways, and how to grow and mature in ways that make them proud to have lived in the Story-Telling Theme House. Leah Kotlarchyk remarked, “The best way to come up with creative ideas is to surround yourselves with creative people”. I can honestly say that I was deeply inspired by the end of this project and it was obvious that the smiling and attentive audience felt the same way.

“And they all lived happily ever after.”