Jordan Kennedy presented on Math and Biology. The title of her SparC presentationation was: The Effects of Life Expectancy on Reproductive Rates of Sequential Hermaphodites.

In Jordan’s powerpoint she presented information based on the research of Dr. Koch & Dr. Rodgers. Her overall objective was to find the total reproductive value of Hermaphodite fish. Essentially, these fish start their adult life as female then change into males. She  tried to find the total reproductive value of hermaphodite fish by modeling the biological system by using graphs and mathematical equations. She used the results of her data to compared the reproductive rates of the two sexes. She explained to us that female fish have the highest reproductive rate in the beginning of life and males have the highest reproductive rate towards the end of their life. However most of the fish do not live long enough to change into males for reproduction. I cannot remember the results of her presentation, nevertheless as a first-year student observer I think she did an excellent job presenting the complex data of Dr. Koch and Dr. Rodgers.