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I’m sitting in Bullock Science Center 308, a very special room today: All presentations scheduled in this room are from Dr. Martha Rees’ Sociology/Anthropology class.

Cori Bradwell-Coaxum, a senior at ASC, opens the series of presentation with an investigation of public education in Fulton County Georgia. Observing that the education of her own children differed markedly depending on which schools they attended, Bradwell-Coaxum decided to look deeper into the matter.

She reviewed existing literature on inequity in access to education and noticed that the perspectives of parents and teachers were missing. So she developed a set of questions and conducted confidential interviews with a set of parents and teachers. She analyzed the qualitative interviews with a special software and looked for the frequency of words such as “education,” “community,” and “equity,” among others.

Her analysis of the interviews confirmed the data provided by the Georgia Department of Education, which indicates that there is a huge gap between CRCT results from the North side and the South side of the county. White students from the northern side outperformed black students two to one.

But Bradwell-Coaxum cautioned listeners to see it as a race issue only. As she mentioned, class and the allocation of tax dollars play a large role in the eventual learning outcome of Fulton County’s students.