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Right now I am watching an impressive group of five young ASC women from across the disciplines report about their experiences of living in the ASC “I am Woman” theme house for two semesters.

These students used their time in the theme house to organize events like a three-day guided meditation, a film event, and several events addressing resources for women on campus and in the larger community of Decatur. Several of the presenters emphasize how living in the theme house got them more involved in activities such as  “Take Back the Night,” “Suicide Walk,” etc.

Alex Holliday, a European History major, reflects on the time in the theme house by talking about how she learned to resolve conflicts and tensions. She says that the time together has led to plans for future collaborations. Learning the logistics of putting on an event, publicizing activities, and communicating

The Sentiments of Alex, Jessica Resnak, Ebony Black, Brittany Williams, Anjane Williams are best summarized by Brittany Williams’ comment:

“Living in the theme house, to say the least, has been such an amazing learning experience. … It has helped me to grow as the woman I want to become.”