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The title of the Public Health presentation given by Destiny Davis and Charlee Quarless was Relating Academics to Stress & Anxiety in Agnes Scott Students. Charlee opened the presentation up with an icebreaker by asking the audience how many of them have encountered stress at some point during college. All present raised their hands. She went on to say that the objective for the presentation is to investigate the relationship and prevalence of stress,anxiety, and depression among Agnes Scott students.

The purpose of their research is to identify the risk factors that contribute to stress and anxiety. The PH211 class created questionnaire, distributed to student body through survey monkey. All that answered survey were found to have 16 or more credits. A cross-sectional study design was employed in which both exposure and outcome are measured.

Destiny relayed that 252 Agnes Scott students took survey in total. She then presented the findings of their study: 1st set of results: outcome: first-years have a higher rate of depression 2nd set: p-value stated that there was no association between major and depression 3rd set: p-value stated that there was no association between course load and depression Limitations to their study included misclassification bias, self-reported information, representative sample Their plan for continuation of the study include reaching out to more students at ASC, conducting a more detailed study.