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Cristina Gutierrez next to her poster on the research she and Courtney Brown conducted (with Professor Jennifer Hughes) on the effects of music on commuters

Listening to Music While Commuting to Work and Levels of Commuter Stress

Authors: Cristina I. Gutierrez, Courtney A. Brown
Mentor: Professor Jennifer Hughes

“The purpose of this study was to compare those who listen and do not listen to music while commuting. We wanted to see the differences between these two groups and commute stress, feelings of coping, and feelings of time urgency during the commute. We hypothesized that commuters who listened to music would be more likely to have lower commuter stress, greater feelings of coping, and less feelings of time urgency during the commute. Six hundred ninety participants were recruited for the study and they drove an average of 30.41 miles per day. Twenty undergraduate students collected participants via e-mail and flyers. A snowball sampling technique was used in the study to recruit participants. The participants had to at least drive 10 minutes or more in order to qualify for the study. We found contrary to our predictions, that commuters that listened to music had higher commuter stress, fewer feelings of coping, and greater feelings of time urgency during the commute. Our hypotheses were not supported. Further research needs to be done to clarify these results.”