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At 9:25 in Room 103W in the Bullock Science Center, Rachel Burger ’11 gave a presentation on how Capitalism and Christianity have played into America’s foreign policy. She put forth the idea that our Christian values in the past have fueled our history with human rights. She stated that there were three basic tenets of America’s desired world order: Capitalism, Individualism, and Human Rights. Because of the latter two, America has always had a hard time dealing with China. And despite America’s former opposition to the China joining capitalist organizations, it has decided to use capitalism in its current policy as a wedge-using capitalism to bring in individualism and human rights. Only time will tell if this plan will work in the future. Burger hopes to research this more in the future, looking at race and how China is portrayed in America media. At the end of the presentation several excellent questions were asked about Christianity and other religions in the history of human rights, as well as the role of businesses as opposed to religion in America’s foreign relations with China. Burger stuck to her theory about the role Christianity has played in the development of human rights, but wavered on the business question. Overall, it was a good presentation, with some really interesting ideas.