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The title of this group presentation was From Agnes to Natchez. Group members include Syedah Asghar, Mariah Cawthorne, Katrina Parsons, Crystal Ridgeway, Ravea Rodriguez, Tiffany Washington. This group embarked on an alternative Sping Break trip this year sponsored by Agnes Scott College.

The purpose of their presentation was to expose the audience to their observations of racism and sexism in Natchez, Mississippi. Natchez is the name of a Native American tribe that lived there years ago. During a controversial pageant that is held in the town, there is a display that the group described as an unfair representation of the contribution of the Native Americans to the history of the town. Other groups lack representation as well, such as African Americans.

The pageant caused the members of this group to ponder how different the teachings of history can vary from place to place. The story content of the pageant remains virtually unchanged, likely because of wealthier Caucasian citizens pouring ample amounts of money into the event. It was mentioned by one of the group members that there was heavy attendance of the Caucasian population at the pageant and that the Agnes Scott group were the only people present that were of various races.

While on this trip the group volunteered at the Nachez Children’s Home where they participated in activities with the children and ran a thrift shop as a source of income for the home. The Agnes Scott group was featured in the town newspaper, The Nachez Democrat, for their decision to utilize their break by helping others while most teens swarmed Panama City.